Arnel combines the refinement of an old-world gentleman with the edgy vibe of a hip lifestyle provocateur. I admire his journalist’s dedication…

              MILLET MANANQUIL, lifestyle editor, The Philippine Star

Write Here, Write Now: Standing at Attention Before My Imaginary Style Dictator

Published by National Book Store Publishing

Paperback, 188 pages

[Php399 at National Book Store, Powerbooks, and Bestsellers — www.nationalbookstore.com.ph]

[$21.83 on www.amazon.com]


Recognized by industry insiders as “the man perfect to write this book,” AA Patawaran has been at the helm of various publications, from Lifestyle Asia to Manila Standard‘s The Good Life to Manila Bulletin‘s Sense&Style. The gentleman editor with a passion for words, he has been credited for coaching some of today’s best talents in the lifestyle media.

I’ve written pieces I am most proud of while under him. I felt great pressure to turn in excellent work because of his fervor. AA is top grade. He leaves me in awe.

 TWEETIE DE LEON GONZALEZ, supermodel, writer, designer, entrepreneur, Project Runway host

He made me believe I could write, with style. This, his ode to the written word, is a must-read for writers and for non-writers who love a great read. His use of words, as if romancing them, spurs me to read, write, fall in love all over again with words.

APPLES ABERIN, PR maven, supermodel, writer, blogger, Project Runway judge

He inspires me to write with style, and to make my work thoughtful and thought-provoking, not run-of-the-mill.

CJ JUNTEREAL, food writer, International Wine & Food Society (Manila Ladies Brand) past president

In Write Here Write Now, AA Patawaran offers profound and practical tips on the craft, from construction and punctuation to sentence length and variety, even how to tackle the blank page. But more than a how-to manual, this is a writer’s memoir. Blurring the distinction between instruction and inspiration, he boldly takes you along his juicy adventures and misadventures in the publishing world. With vignettes from the country’s top editors and writers like Style Weekend‘s Liza Ilarde, Preview‘s Pauline Suaco Juan, Sense&Style‘s Hector M. Reyes, Cosmopolitan‘s Myrza Sison, and Inquirer‘s Alex Y. Vergara, never has any book on writing in the Philippines been such a pleasure to read that it makes you want to “write here write now.”

AA Patawaran was a co-author and co-editor in the coffee-table books Adornments: Floral Inspirations by Rachy Cuna, published by the UST Press in 2007, and Building An Asia-Pacific Spirit of Community by Federico Macaranas, published by the Office of the President of the Philippines in 1997.


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