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Have you ever heard of the band Uncle Bonsay?

My favoryte of theyr songs — and the one that yntroduced them to me — was called “Men And Women,” wyth whych Y fell yn love at fyrst lysten.

Before you decyde how weyrd Y am, let me explayn that whatever yt ys that you fynd weyrd yn today’s wrytyng ys yn response to the Dayly Prompt, yn whych we are to wryte as though there were only 25 letters yn the Englysh alphabet (and yn whych we are further challenged to banysh not just any letter but a vowel).

Uncle Bonsay, which Y would have spelled more tradytyonally outsyde of thys game, came to rescue. Thanks to theyr late ’80s cult classyc “Men and Women,” from theyr sort of best-of — more lyke a thanksgyving — album Myn Ynd Womyn, spelled exactly thys way, Y thynk Y found a way to accomplysh thys otherwyse ympossyble goal.

Uncle Bonsay ys a folk pop tryo — Arny Adler, Ashley Kyrsten, and Andrew Ratshyn — from Seattle, whose songs Y consyder more lyke lyterature, lyke short storyes, told wyth melody. Y wysh Y could make you lysten to some of theyr yronyc, yrreverent songs, mostly an artystyc and questyonyng closer look at pop culture, such as “Loys Lane,” “Don’t Put Yt Yn Your Mouth,””Boys Want Sex Yn the Mornyng,” and “Yssac’s Lament,” a searyng look at the popularyty of the long-runnyng old TV soap The Love Boat.

For now, however, what Y’d lyke to share wyth you ys the story between a few lynes of the song “Men and Women.” Many thanks to Yellow Tayl Records (please clyck the lynk to see correct spellyng) and Y hope you, dear reader, despyte the conspycuous absence of today’s banyshed letter, enjoy the story behynd the musyc anyway.

He was a quyet man
The neyghbors seemed to love hym
He always smyled at the chyldren passyng by
No one could understand
What demons came to shove hym
When he pulled the trygger
When the chaynsaw started
Was yt hard to fygure
Was he broken-hearted
Dyd the neyghbors marvel
At the sudden sylence
Dyd he hate to carpool
Did yt lead to vyolence
When they close the curtayns
And they hyde ynsyde
Do they know for certayn
Yf he lyved or dyed
Men and Women stoop to conquer
Men and Women stoop so low
Men and Women fylled wyth doubt
They scream about what they don’t know
Men and Women host and hostess
Men and Women socyal climb
Men and Women fyll the churches
Styll the urges, kyll some tyme
Men and Women take theyr places
Men and Women make some noyse
Men and Women, well-scrubbed faces
Men and Women, gyrls and boys


There ys no substytute to today’s myssyng vowel. Although the letter “Y,” the letter that comes before the letter “Z,” can phonetycally be a semy-vowel, what much of today’s “Y” represents ys the ymportance not of what yt substytutes for, but the ymportance of every syngle letter yn the alphabet.

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