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Yann Martel‘s Life of Pi is, to borrow from the book’s own definition of life, ‘a peephole,’ a 100-chapter ‘entry onto a vastness.’ This picture is from the film adaptation, which I hope will be just as powerful in moving mind, heart, and soul.

Two years in Paris. Reading, writing, dreaming in French. Speaking some Spanish. WHAT’S IN MY BUCKET LIST? A million dollars in spare cash, but first winning the lottery. Losing control in Copacabana. Letting my hair down in Barcelona. Learning hip hop in the Bronx and throwing the party to end all parties in Manila, half a world away, to show off what I know. Mastering meditation. Learning to shush my mind, still my soul. A trek to Qikiqtarjuaq, but what’s in Qikiqtarjuaq but the great unknown? Escargot ecstasy in Angouleme. Picnic in the Sahara. Rose tea afternoons in Sofia. Skiing in Gstaad. Diving in Tubbataha. Sailing to Abacos in the Bahamas. Birdwatching in Tawi Tawi. Kite surfing in Baler. Skydiving in Taupo, New Zealand. Bungee jumping off Clifton Suspension in Bristol. Disco Havana in Cuba. A carpet ride in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. A reading club in Rwanda. A boxing match. Ripped arms and a six-pack. A chiseled jawline and a well-defined chest  like Robe Lowe‘s. A little Gold Lift where my laughlines are, just to try. A week with the Moslems. A fortnight with the Bavarian Illuminati. Eternity with the Buddhists. A pilgrimage to Jerusalem. A moonlit night with the occultists. A vow of silence. A scream to let it all out on a high point of Uluru in central Australia. Driving across the US. A train ride from Istanbul to London. Fast flight to Reykavik. Slow boat to the Isle of White or a cruise on the Bosphorus. A suite at The Plaza in New York. Long stay at Bulgari Knightsbridge or the Four Seasons in Beirut. A bush camp in Zumba, Ecuador. Clubbing with Madonna. A drink with Alber Elbaz, Rei Kawakubo,or John Galliano. Close encounter with the Queen of England. Correspondence with Anna Wintour. A filmmaking workshop with Michel Gondry or George Clooney or  Sofia Coppola or Marie Jamora.  A laugh trip with David Sedaris or Michael Cera. Working (and living) at Shakespeare and Company. Editing books like Maxwell Perkins. Reading books with the passion of the boy I was. ALL THE THINGS I WANT BEFORE I KICK IT. Too little time, too big a world, an even bigger universe. And the eleventh on my bucket list? Could be any of the above or maybe quit smoking and really want to, perchance I can live longer and have better chances at making more of these dreams come true (and writing books about them, too).

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8 thoughts on “DAILY PROMPT: KICK IT

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  3. A few years ago I spontaneously kept asking myself the question “what if this is enough?” – “this” being whatever was happening in the moment, or my life as it is, or whatever. Just “what if this is enough?”. Challenging the mind. Over and over and over. What if this is enough? Next thing I knew I’d spontaneously given up smoking. A miracle.

    I love your bucket list. It’s so unlimited. May you get to do *all* of it!

  4. Thank you, Alison.

    That’s what I think I lack — spontaneity. And I do wish I could quit smoking just like that. I hate overthinking it so whenever I think about quitting — and I hardly ever do on my own; only when, say, I read about its dangers or, say, when I come across a tweet that say longtime smokers who quit have more vivid dreams– I end up smoking more.

    So glad to be writing letters like this to people like you, with whom I share many things in common, like a love of words or thoughts or questions about whether or not all this is enough.

    • Thank you. I’m having a lot of fun discovering blogs by people I’d love to have long conversations with. I’m not new to blogging, but new to the blogosphere. For yrs I’ve just sent the blog out to family and friends. Not enough time is a problem – travelling, having adventures, keeping up with my own blog, photo editing, etc etc. I want more hours in the day! (Ah, but what if this is enough?)
      Anyway re the smoking – I could never quit when I thought about it. The more you think about it the worse it gets as you know. What you resist persists. “What if this is enough?”, as a persistent thought, arose spontaneously. I had absolutely no thoughts about quitting smoking at all. At the time it was about needing a broad re-frame of life generally. That it led to quitting was a miraculous byproduct.
      And the fact that that persistent thought arose spontaneously? – that was pure grace. A gift from The Mystery.
      Instead of wanting or trying to quit – just ask for grace. You never know what might happen.

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