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LET THERE BE LIGHT A new year is upon us. With hope, all that is new awaits us.

How unnerving that my first post for the year 2013 must be so titled, but as this writing challenge is also about New Year’s Resolutions, it might be just the right title.

The only item on the agenda, after all, is to face fear and to quell any desire to ignore it in the hope that if you do, it will just go away on its own.

In my book, fear, not hate, is the opposite of love, Hate is a result of fear, so is envy or jealousy or apartheid or apathy or genocide. Fear, specifically fear of rejection, is what keeps us from showing, expressing, or nurturing love. Fear is what keeps us from jumping off the edge, beyond which could be, not the death or pain or injury that we fear, but our greatest adventure.

All that is new in 2013 is my decision to conquer fear. All things will change should I succeed and all things will change for the better for sure.

By conquering fear, I will find reason to work harder. No longer will I fear that all my hard work will be for naught. I will work knowing that every drop of blood, sweat, or tears will amount to something dear to me eventually.

By conquering fear, I will find more reason to be at peace with my world. No longer will I fear that cold indifference will be the reaction to my friendliness or that opposition will be the answer to my proposal or that abuse will be the response to my generosity. If I am wrong, so be it, but no longer will I decide not to do what I believe I should for fear of a possible outcome.

By conquering fear, indeed, I will make more friends, I will open myself up to new possibilities, and I will welcome opportunities with arms wide open. I can give and receive as much as I can with no worry about injustice or unfairness.

This is not to say I will be reckless or that I will be throwing all caution to the wind because the fear is there. I will not, cannot banish it, but I will no longer be at its mercy.

All things are possible when fear has no power to paralyze us or even only slow us down. As a New Year’s resolution, the conquest of fear is all encompassing. It might be the answer to world peace. It might bring the armament race among nations to end. It will resolve all conflict between races, sexes, neighbors, nations.

So I resolve to conquer fear, including the fear of the possibility that maybe the Mayans were right after all, except that their apocalyptic predictions were three and a half months ahead of schedule.

Maybe a meteor will hit the earth in three months and destroy all life on it. Not much I can do about that, but I have three months to live with fear not having that much power over me and I can just imagine what a beautiful, peaceful, productive life it will be.

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