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ROADSIDE VIEW Sisters Rafa and Georges Patawaran, my nieces, on the road to our #instaholiday on the beach, Christmas 2012 in Baler, Aurora

Forgive me if I offend you

If I stray from the moment in order to make an #instamoment of it

If I let the moment pass while I enter it into the #instagramhub

If I see through my #instalens instead of my eyes

If I speak in hashtags everything #### all in #instaspeak

I’m new to Instagram new in the #instauniverse

I’m learning to speak visual practicing my #instaloquence

I work with #words and #pictures

But I’ve no pictures of me nothing for #posterity except some with friends who would capture our time together in a snapshot

I’ve been to #Paris #New York #HongKong so many places on the globe

I’ve been to many cities of my #dreams

But I have no pictures of me

only the occasional #scenery

and some blurred and faded images in my memory

With Instagram so much of life is #pictureperfect

#Instathoughts so easy to capture

#instamoods so easy to manipulate and enhance

Add a little #blue

reduce the #black

give it a little touch of #nostalgia

or the #instaglow of modernity

And through Twitter or Facebook I can #instashare it

I can be #clever

I can be #poetic

I can post #trivia

Something #funny

Something of a #shock

Or mere #inanity

In this #instaworld all of a sudden my #life

the #rain or the #sunshine

shadows on the wall

dewdrops on a leaf

#instanimals on the prowl

everything is worthy of becoming #photooftheday


STORM AND SURF A kite surfer tries to bring down the kite against the howling winds of a storm on Christmas Eve in Baler, Aurora, the Philippines, 2012

All is #instagood

Everything is #instamagic

LIke this like #now you are in front of me

What #instajoy

Something to keep in my #instadaily

So many #instadventures ahead

So many things to keep us on the #instago

So much to turn into #instamemories

From the world over so many #instadmirers to like my posts including this post I have of you.

So forgive me if you lose me for an #instamoment

With #hope my #instamadness will be over

And there will be no more #instabreaks in our interaction

Our food will only be for #eating

Our drinks will only be for #drinking

The night in the club will only be for #dancing

Our travels will be #experiences not pictures on my #SIII

What you wear will only be for #seeing

like this #view it will only be for taking my breath away

Our #life will only be for living

No matter how #instagrammable it is


HELLO BEACH! On Christmas Eve, Rafa makes a gesture of triumph on the shore of Sabang Bay, which extends into the Pacific Ocean, in Baler, Aurora, the Philippines

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2 thoughts on “INSTADDICTION

    • Thank you!

      Hashtags are sort of heightened form of sharing. When you hashtag a certain word in your description of an Instagram post, it becomes a link (just like the tags in our blogposts) and automatically joins a collection of Instagram posts with the same hashtag so chances are more people — and more likeminded people — will see your post. It’s like shameless plugging, if you ask me, a sort of clamor for people to “like” you, an attention-grabber, not a very good thing but who am I to say, as I am new to this and sort of exploring the New Culture, this brave new world of social media? I don’t know enough of this world, so don’t take my word for it, at least not too seriously.

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