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Newtown Traffic

Newtown Traffic (Photo credit: jemsweb)

Kew's Richard Wilford at work

Kew’s Richard Wilford at work (Photo credit: Kew on Flickr)

Our hearts are broken today.



on the massacre of 20 schoolchildren,

six adults, and the 20-year-old gunman

Adam Lanza in Connecticut]

What a sad day for the world!

But this is a day of compassion, despite our impulses to the contrary. No the murderer does not deserve our sympathy, but our world does. Our world needs no more hate, no more rage, no more anger, even toward the perpetrator of this crime against innocent children.

What our world needs is protection from our own evil urges. We are entitled to freedom but freedom in our hands, where it is abused, kills the very freedom we fight for, all the things we associate with it, including the safety and wellbeing of our children.

If you feel that the world is not treating you right, think again. Often, it is only your imagination or an excess of expectation. Very likely, it is a matter of miscommunication or the difficulty on your part or that of others or both of expressing the most valuable of emotions, such as love or care.

…My son grabbed a bunch of his friends and ran out the door. He was very brave. He waited for his friends.

[ROBERT LICATA of his six-year-old son who led his classmates away from

danger when the gunman shot their teacher in front of them in the classroom]

Thank your country for not giving you ready access to deadly weapons for in the heat of the moment it would be such a pleasure to pull the trigger, but not when you have had time to think about it, not when the rage has passed. When there is a gun in your pocket, especially when you are prone to losing control, there is no chance to think things over, emotions rule. Thank your society for finally seeing how this culture of violence has taken its toll on our civilization. How we draw fun from shooting things down — maybe ducks on the pond or deer in the woods or zombies on the Wii or the bullies in class! Thank your family for making it clear how much you are loved and make sure you do the same for them. That is all it takes to see to it that all is right with the world, storms and darkness and evil forces notwithstanding.

And should you have special needs, maybe a chemical imbalance, maybe an excess of energy, a brain malfunction, a personality disorder, thank the family and society for making sure your condition is not left undiagnosed and untreated, ignored or neglected, or denied, kept like a dark, dirty secret.

Thank yourself most of all. Express yourself, but discipline yourself, keep all your urges, your desires, your dreams in check.

You have no control over the world around you, but you have control over you.

There’s no words [sic]. It’s sheer terror, a sense of imminent danger, to get to your child and be there to protect him.

[RICHARD WILFORD, whose seven-year-old son happily made it alive]


[The Connecticut shooting began at 9:45 a.m.,

on Friday, Dec. 15, 2012,

just as soon as the schoolday started

at Sandy Hook Elementary School

in Newtown, Connecticut.]

Sandy Hook, Connecticut

Sandy Hook, Connecticut (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



  1. Thank you for this, Arnel. As a mom and as someone who works with special-ed kids so closely, this definitely hits home. It is just so heartbreaking…

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