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How to write about an event like Tresseme’s thanksgiving dinner at the SMDC using only the minimum of adjectives and no adverbs where they need not be there please.


[Top models in JC Buendia, Francis Libiran, Cary Santiago, and Jun Escario, plus PMAP models all in red]

The event name alone has a superlative: “Fashion’s Finest,” which, judging from the way it turned out — 120 bottles of sparkling wine and a well-heeled crowd dressed in black — might understate the size of the event in terms of concept and execution, not to mention vision.

Apples Aberin, having just left her post as global PR head of Pond’s in Singapore to head the PR team for personal care products at Unilever Philippines, left no stone unturned to make sure the Tresseme black dinner was one to remember.


[The author, Macce Samarista, and Apples Aberin)

Restraint was the challenge. She stressed over a million and one details to simplify the experience for her select guests, only the movers and shakers of Tresseme’s world — media, fashion, business, the spa and salon industry, a ballroom of them seated on “Ghost” chairs at tables adorned with spider lilies and such and cutlery, flatware, linen worthy of a scene in an Edith Wharton novel. For dinner, Gaita Fores whipped up a four-course dream with 30-month parmigiano reggiano lace, seafood ragu with champagne cream and lumpfish caviar pearls, U.S. Angus short ribs, and crepe mille-feuille with berries, black grape, and truffled acacia honey.


[Tessa Prieto Valdez, Paolo Pineda, Pauline Suaco Juan]

Apples and her team, including SAGA’s Robby Carmona who interpreted the party Apples had in mind, struggled and suffered behind the scene so the guests would take home only the idea of ease, effortlessness, and entrancement, words with which Tresseme, an American brand of professional hair products, envisions people’s experience of it to be associated. Throw in luxury and glamour, virtues that in eras past rested on ease and effortlessness as well as some languor, a beauty that took its time, no rush, no hurry or, in Tresseme terms, no fuss, no frizz.


[Angel Jacob and JC Buendia]

The program, too, was a study in brevity. Top models in JC Buendia, Francis Libiran, Cary Santiago, and Jun Escario did not take eternity on stage, leaving the guests clamoring for more. There were hardly any speeches, just a few words of thank you from Apples, who asked for a moment of prayerful silence for our brothers and sisters in southern Philippines, where typhoon Pablo was wreaking havoc.


[Hector Reyes, Candy Dizon, Susan Joven]

And then there was a guitar performance by Robby Mananquil, a revelation, followed by a ’50s club-style serenade by NykoMaca.

Overall, it was a breeze of an affair. Glamour, unlike glitz, does sit well with repose and relaxation and never does try too hard, not where people can tell, to be noticed.


[Apples Aberin]

At last Wednesday night’s Tresseme dinner, the wine overflowed — so did the adjectives of superiority and quality, class and distinction, style and panache. Like a good piece of writing, it occupied itself with the details, troubled itself with every detail, but only in the background, so it could let the audience supply the superlatives.

Kudos, Apples Aberin and your Tresseme team!


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