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This is surreal.

At National Book Store, my book Write Here Write Now: Standing at Attention Before My Imaginary Style Dictator is on the same rack as William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White‘s Elements of Style. In an early review last week, I was told that my book was a perfect companion to Strunk and White because whereas theirs was instruction, mine was inspiration.

Surreal! Maybe even unreal, in a parallel universe where I continue to feel unworthy, sulking and saying things like, to borrow from Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain, “…what else can I write? I don’t have the right…”

But what an honor!

On my shelf, these are Write Here Write Now‘s companions. Maybe, I’m being smug, but this is my shelf and I will do as I wish — and there is this physical book that doesn’t make it so much of an illusion, delusion, fantasy, or make-believe.

I’ve been asked many times: How did I do it?

My answer is simple: I just wrote…

And by reading, I stood at attention before my non-imaginary style dictators, Strunk and White among them, but also Shakespeare and Frost and Proust and all.


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