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I meet you here, but here the blank page presents itself differently, not exactly blank, alive with widgets and colors and a template. Customizing this page, designing it based on a ready-made theme, I get a chance to keep the page blank for a while, to delay the search for the right words, the right tone, the right approach, to avoid confrontation a little while longer.

Alas, to a writer, who cannot set aside the will to write, the confrontation is inevitable.

I began with the “Balloon” template by because, to me, the balloons represent the right words that sometimes fly over your head, sail beyond your reach, pop out of existence before you can commit them on the page.

I have since stopped hanging on to the strings of those balloons, but here I am, having arrived in the blogosphere, like Armstrong landing on the moon. Join me as I journey on to this new frontier, the World Wide Web. In this New Order, in this “wordly” world, who knows what we might discover and re-discover — and learn?

Exactly one week ago, I launched Write Here Write Now: Standing at Attention Before My Imaginary Style Dictator, my first book venture, not counting the two coffee table books that I co-edited and co-authored before. Now available in Manila and key cities in the Philippines, the book, published by National Book Store, is also available on

More than instructional like Strunk and White, Write Here Write Now is inspirational. One week since its launch, early reviews in social media have described it as “unputdownable,” “a page-turner,” something that does inspire the reader, whether artist or auditor, stylist or store clerk, poet or proprietor, entertainer or entrepreneur, “to write.” We all have to write anyway. It doesn’t matter whether it is an epic novel or a lyrical poem, an application letter or a loan request, a memo or a love note because whatever it is, we have to be clear, we have to be understood, and we have to effect some change.

This blog hopes to be just like my book. Through it, we can explore the beauty, intricacy, and challenges of writing. Like my book, it hopes to champion the written word and to share with one and all the craft and the discipline that writing is.

Writing demands many things, but in my book, only two of them are truly important.

Number one, it demands that we read as much as we can.

Number two, it demands that we write as often as we can, every day, if possible, and every day, unless used as an adjective “synonymous to daily or commonplace or ordinary,” as I wrote in Write Here Write Now, is two words like every week or every month or every year.

So much for hello.

I will write to you again tomorrow.



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